Avoid Points on your NJ Drivers License


In the State of New Jersey, moving violations usually carry points in addition to fines and penalties.  As these points accumulate, drivers may be subject to the loss of driving privilege and increased insurance rates.  However, the regulations allow points to be reduced through a set period of good driving or by participation in an approved driver education course. According to the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, two (2) points will be removed from your driving record by taking an online or classroom taught Defensive Driving Program. There are websites that offer the course approved by the NJ MVC such as  www.NewJerseyStateDefensiveDriving.com, http://www.cheapeasyfastnj.com , and many others.

Once the online course is completed on a certified website, NJ MVC will be contacted and within 4-6 weeks the point reduction should post to your driving record.  By taking this course for the first time, you can also receive a 5% reduction on your auto insurance good for 3 years provided that additional points are not accumulated.  If you still maintain a clean driving record after 3 years, you may take the course again and receive another 5% auto insurance discount for a total of 10%.  (You should contact your auto insurance carrier for details particular to your insurance policy).

Understand that the best way to not accrue points is to drive safely.  However, if you do find yourself with a moving violation and motor vehicle points are pending, please contact our office to discuss how we can assist you in reducing or eliminating the penalties.