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When do you need a guardian?

Situations sometimes arise – some foreseen, some not – when it’s necessary to have the court appoint a guardian. Whether you have an elderly parent or a special needs child, the process can seem daunting, and that’s the reason why…read more

Injured on the job?

Have you suffered an injury while working at your job? If you are an employee with wages reported on a W2 (or, in some cases, on a 1099), or are an independent contractor, you should file a claim for workers’…read more

NJ Slip and Fall Accidents on Snow or Ice

While snow is exciting and is associated with winter and holidays it also makes getting around much more difficult.   Icy sidewalks, parking lots and roadways cause numerous accidents every year. Icy roadways cause numerous automobile and truck accidents.  Even after…read more

Do I need to apply for guardianship?

When should I start the process of applying for guardianship? How does the process work? Why is it important to apply for guardianship? If you have asked yourself these questions and don’t know where to look for answers, keep reading…read more

black ice

Black Ice and the Freeze-Melt-Refreeze Cycle

As temperatures outside fluctuate, the rising temperatures cause snow on the ground and piled from shoveling and plowing to melt. In the evening when the sun sets and the temperature drops, this melting snow freezes into “black ice” causing a…read more

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Congratulations to our SFA Alumni!

Continuing the tradition of producing outstanding law students and excellent attorneys, we are very proud of our Spector Foerst & Associates alumni Edward J. Scarillo (EJ) and Jillian Swogier. Both EJ and Jill graduated yesterday from Seton Hall University School…read more

Property Arrows

2017 Tax Appeal Season is Here!

New Jersey Property Taxes have been on the incline in the last few years, and 2016 was no exception.  Tax payers saw an average 2.35% increase in their taxes from 2015 to 2016. According to, the average residential bill…read more