Avoid Points on your NJ Drivers License

In the State of New Jersey, moving violations usually carry points in addition to fines and penalties.  As these points accumulate, drivers may be subject to the loss of driving privilege and increased insurance rates.  However, the regulations allow points to…read more

SFA Welcomes New Attorney

Spector Foerst & Associates is proud to welcome our newest Associate, Drew Leatherman.  After earning his Bachelor of Science from Tulane University, Mr. Leatherman attended Seton Hall School of Law receiving his Juris Doctor degree. While in law school, he…read more

Foerst joins Seton Hall Law School Faculty

Spector Foerst & Associates is pleased to announce that James M. Foerst has joined the faculty of Seton Hall University School of Law as an Adjunct Professor. Mr. Foerst will begin teaching in the Spring 2014 semester offering a class…read more

When it comes to a DUI, age has its benefits.

New Jersey law enforcement utilizes the Alcotest® 7110 device to perform testing of breath samples in DUI cases.  The testing mechanism has been under scrutiny since it’s introduction and has been the subject of many legal challenges.  The seminal case on…read more